What better way to grace your wall with what you deserve most in life - Kōfuku (Japanese kanji for Happiness). Guilloche' engraved on patinated (the rainbow colors) recycled copper.  The frame is old growth recycled redwood.  ~12" square.


The overall piece seems rather dark for something that is suppose to be uplifting, positive and motivating.  But, like life, sometimes we have to look hard to see the brightness - the light at the end of the tunnel.  The engraving is the brightness in the dark... but looking with conviction at the background behind the bright spot reveals the vibrancy that allows the light and dark to merge into the facinating whole that we all are.  And, of course, the recycled material has all imperfections that makes the piece unique... and happiness is possible despite our, or possibly because of, our imperfections.

Kōfuku (Happiness)


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