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  • What is Engine and Ornamental Turning?
    Guilloche’ engraving, also known as engine turning, is an art form dating back to the late 18th century that engraves decorative geometric designs into metals and other hard materials such as dense woods, bone or hard plastics. This craft is a subset of Ornamental Turning and uses specialized equipment such the Rose, Straight Line, and Brocade Engines. This art form has been used to produce elegant art pieces like platters, watches, jewelry, and badges that are sometimes colored with vitreous enamels. The ornamental engraving art form with dates back to the 1500’s and was popular among royalty. Examples of this artwork include Faberge’ eggs and much of the jewelry, watches and other objects available from Tiffany & Co. until the 1950’s. Auxilio Innovations has revived these technologies and lost art forms in-house and can now offer it to you as a way to embellish your home or office with beautifully crafted artwork and functional art pieces available worldwide and locally to Morro Bay, Los Angeles, San Francisco and further. Unique pieces of functional metal art can be created with our modern equipment and then engraved using our restored antique and ornamental turning machines. As a full service firm, we can help you design your jewelry, watch faces, enameled pieces, platters, badges, name plaques, door signage and many other metal products from ideation to final product. We can fabricate them in-house locally in Morro Bay to surrounding areas of Los Angeles, and San Francisco or work with outside manufacturers/vendors worldwide and complete ornamenting them with guilloche’ engraving in-house. When we are not helping you with your projects, our magnificent antique equipment in our “working museum” are busy making jewelry for “Pendants for Peace.” Pendants for Peace is an effort by Auxiilo Innovations to produce and sell jewelry pendants and accessories with a portion of the proceeds helping to support local and national not-for-profit organizations who focus on environmental and social concerns in Morro Bay, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and throughout the nation. We can provide patterned medals, badges, watches, platters, trophies, and even custom-crafted parts for your motorcycle. Give us a call and let’s see how we can make your etched or enameled products unique and stand out from the competition. If you are near Morro Bay, Los Angeles or San Francisco please feel free to set up an in-person consultation. Watch this video of our ornamental machine in action. Guilloche’ Engraving, is principally done on fine metals such as silver, gold and platinum but can also be used to ornament other metals such as stainless steel or titanium and sometimes plastics. Ornamental Turning’s original medium was ivory, but modern work is done in dense woods or hard plastics. It is a beautiful style of art that can be used to beautify your custom pieces. We can help you design your product for functionality, manufacturability and aethestics. Whether you are looking for a custom engraved platter, enamel pieces, watch, jewelry, badges or something else highlighted with this nearly lost art style, we are your designers and manufacturers. Our engraving machines can do exceptionally detailed designs for your unique project. We can do badges, trophies, jewelry and custom parts for many different applications.
  • What types of orders can we handle?
    Our ornamental turning designers located in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Morro Bay can help you with your small, medium or bulk orders of your decorative metal engravings. If you are looking to decorate your jewelry, watches, platters, badges or something else with ornamental engraving or enameling, we are here to help you. We specialize in engineering services, prototype genesis and offer in-house manufacturing of: jewelry, watches, badges and other art pieces. We can ship nationally, and worldwide and if you are near Morro Bay, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, we would love to consult with you in person.
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Guilloche' by Tig

Engine Turning

Engine Turning

Rose, Straight Line, Brocade, Ornamental Turning

Fused Clear and Colored Enamels

Fused Clear and Colored Enamels

Kiln at 1450F degrees

Hand Engraving

Hand Engraving

150 year old tools!

Book design by Roni Weiss

Judaica artist, scribe and designer of silverware.

Guilloche' by Tig

Art Manufacturers

We manufacture a popular line of jewelry, watches, faberge like items, pendants, lockets, badges and more in copper, silver and gold using this century-old pattern. Available in San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, San Francisco and nationwide! 



Do you have a unique and difficult product or design in mind using Guilloche' Engraving?  Let Tig help!


I believe that heart and soul must go into the craft and product.  They must be beautiful, endearing and manufacturable.


I will  deliver uncompromising quality to uniquely embellished articles designed to last generations using rare Lost Art Techniques™.




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