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We will be adding detailed photos of the various stock patterns available as we can.  For orders of Stock styles, just click on the disk of the style you are interested in and it will show you all the option available.  Please know that any classical and many non-classical patterns are possible.  If you have a special request or wish to copy a pattern that you have seen on another object let us know your requirements.  More on this at the end of the page*.  Please contact Tig with size and quantity wanted or your specific needs for custom orders.    Yep, I can engrave squares and rectangles, straight line Guilloche' engraving, etc...  I will add more on this page as I find out what you need!


Prices shown are base prices for 1" diameter in copper.  Options are presented when ordering:

  • Material: Copper or Fine Silver

  • Size: 1", 1.25", 1.5" and 2" diameters

  • Bumps: 12, 24 (recently added) 36, 48 or 96

  • If you wish to order gold, contact Tig with the size and type of gold for pricing.

Bump Examples:

Bump Sunray
Bump Sunray
Bump Sunray
Bump Sunray

12 Bump Sunray, 1.25" 

36 Bump Sunray, 1.25" 

48 Bump Sunray, 1.25" 

96 Bump Sunray, 1.25" 

Current Stock Items

More to play with coming soon!  I will be adding to this list of Stock Patterns as time permits including the Basket Weave Pattern.  Click on the image of the Pattern you are interested in to get details on materials, sizes, cost, etc.  Thank You for your interest and helping to keep this nearly Lost Art alive today!