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We will be adding detailed photos of the various examples as we can.  Please know that any classical and many non-classical patterns are possible.  If you have a special request or wish to copy a pattern that you have seen on another object let Tig know your requirements.  Please contact Tig with size and quantity wanted or your specific needs for custom orders.    Yep, Tig can engrave rounds, squares, triangles, rectangles, odd shapes, too.  This includes straight line Guilloche' engraving.

"...they're breathtaking.  The work is so beautiful and precise it made me gasp.  These are a work of art on their own!  Needless to say, I am very, very pleased.  I only hope I can create enamels  that will do them justice." -Diana W.

"-they are fabulous.  Very clean job." - Raj L

" is so beautiful my partner said I should just leave it the way it is without enamel."  -Cathie M.

Enameler, Jeweller, Watchmaker... whats the difference?

Enamelers typically use Guilloche' engraving as a background and it is not the centerpiece of their work.  Typically, a dark translucent enamel is placed over the engraving and then cloisonne' or enamel painting is completed over the top.  The page for enamelers shows stock patterns that are completed at fast rate to keep costs down.  This is what I call "Grade B" guilloche' and it has been done to make this rare art available to the average enameler as a base for their work.

Watchmakers almost always want "Grade A" work. 'A' grade work takes more time.  The setups are more precise (pattern center(s), distance between cuts, depth of cuts, perpendicularity of the piece to the graver etc...) and the cuts are cleaner.  Grade A work takes exponentially more time and is always priced as custom work.

Jewelers, depending on the design and focus of the piece, may want either Grade B  or Grade A work.


Collectors can tell the difference between Grade A and B work rather quickly. It is best to understand the market you are targeting.

If you are an ENAMELER  see the ENAMELER   page.  If you are a JEWELLER, or a WATCHMAKER please refer to the COMMISSIONS page fo now - I will get pages set up just for you in the future.  If you would like to see my current UNIQUE and LIMITED EDITION items for sale there is a page for you, too!


Do you have something totally different in mind (ex: the handle and collar of a Walking Cane)? Or, if want to see descriptions of the various types of Guilloche engraving, see the COMMISSIONS page.

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