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We understand that you have a discerning customer looking for something unique.  You want unparalleled aesthetics and functional design.   It may be an eye catching placard for a Ballroom or a cabinet with One of a kind Rose Engine Engraved knobs.  Give us a call and lets see how we can  blow your clients expectations out out of the water!

Contact us with your cabinetry, furniture, general woodworking or machine shop needs as well Engine Turning ideas- we may be your one stop shop!

Rose Engine Turned Door Handles


Geometrically engraved knobs sitting on the headstock of the beautiful Rose Engine that decorated them. Made in Brass

Stright Line Engine Turned Money Clips


Have a product you want to customize in a way no one else can?  We are here for you!  Send us you parts - we can make the required tooling to hold them in our machines quickly in-house.

Have an idea for a product that is now a physical reality yet?  We have experience in designing products so that they are manufacturable (DFM) and meet your requirements.  We can set up any required outside vendors for manufacturing and then complete and decorate them in-house.  Please contact us so we can discuss your project!

Straight Lilne Guilloche'd Money Clips

Made of Nickel.

Are you a JEWELER?

Custom Broceded Jewelry

Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Titanium, Argentium, Stainless Steel, just about anything you wish to design with that is hard and can hold fine detail is a good option for Engine Turning (Guilloche').

One nice thing about engine turning is that the surface does not need to be flat.  It is possible to engrave of a variety of surface contours.  Contact us and lets chat about your ideas, needs and wants for your project!

Argentium Choker with matching Argentium and freshwater pearl earrings Brocaded with an antique floral pattern.


Yes, we can help you if you want a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry? Derby cover for your Harley Davidson Sportster? Custom funerary urn? Badges for your work team, or ... ??  Drop a note with your questions and needs to Tig.

Rose Engine Turned Harley Davison Sportster Derby Cover

Harley Davidson Sportster Derby Cover

Close up of Derby Rose Engine engraving

Close-up: Rose Engine Turned Harley Davison Sportster Derby Cover
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