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Brass Knob
3x Barlycorn

The business is still up and running!  This is a small business with very little (if any) pedestrian traffic.  I am no longer doing the "Working Museum" tours so this is not an issue, either.  No one around me is showing any signs/symptoms of C-19 and we have been sequestered for abot 2 weeks.  Incoming materials are wiped down with 70% alcohol when they come in... and wiped down again before they go out.  The info I have read is that the C-19 virus can live on metals for anywere from 2 to 10 days - so if you are worried, keep your items in the box for 11 days before opening.


We homeschool out kids and prefer the Waldorf style.  Knowing that there is suddenly a WHOLE lot of people trying to figure out what to do with their kids right now I thought it would be a good idea to Share the Love and give people some ideas.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!  If you have other ideas and resources that you feel are worthwhile and meet an acceptable standard of quality send them to me and I will put them here to share with others.

New RESOURCES aded daily!!

On-Line for Kids resources:


Other resources


Virtual Tours

Face Masks

Write me YOUR favorites and I'll get them on here.  Thank You! -Tig

Sea Turtle
Choker w Earings
Gabby Test
Auxilio Innovations

Engraving Services

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