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Art Manufacturers Looking for Help With Engraving, Come to Auxilio Innovations

At Auxilio Innovations, we love working with art manufacturers and others to create unique pieces that can be sold. From one-of-a-kind jewelry to engraved mirror frames, we can take any piece of metal and customize it with beautiful, intricate designs. Art manufacturers tend to love rose engine turning, which creates elegant rounded geometric patterns. Although some may find the appearance repetitive, the reality is that this style of design has thousands of permutations that all reflect light differently. While the pattern may look deep, the truth is that it extends only .002” to .004” deep, which barely touches the depth of the piece. We have two rose engines and can create custom patterns that appeal to your tastes. Let us work with you to create a custom pattern that you and your clients will love. Call us today at 1-707-483-9571 to learn more about our rose engine and other ways to achieve a 3D illusory effect in your metal work.

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