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Use Engraving Services to Customize Your Piece

With engraving services, you can add a bit of elegance to any piece of jewelry or metal you own. Whether you’re an individual, an interior designer, a jewelry designer or other party, we at Auxilio can help you produce the work you’ve dreamed of. On our commission page, you can view short runs and one-of-a-kind pieces that we’ve helped to create in the past. From covers on high-end motorcycles to customized urns for beloved pets or loved ones, we are able to help bring any idea to life with charming engraving methods. Our engraving services are highly customizable. Reach out to discuss your project today at 1-707-483-9571. Remember, we can engrave almost anything, from copper and brass to stainless steel or other materials. Our guilloche engraving works even on surfaces that aren’t flat, so don’t be afraid to bring us your jewelry or rounded pieces to see what we can do.

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