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Dragonfly Leaves the Roost

Client with Lienhard Brocade Guilloche' Engine

Today was the day! The client that inspired the Dragonfly series of pendants came today to pick out her pendant at the shop in Morro Bay, today! I made a number of them to choose from. She has a special story with Dragonflies.... After her father passed away she was visiting a Garden and was followed by an orange dragonfly the entire time. As her and her husband were leaving, the dragonfly buzzed in front of their car until they left the parking lot. The most interesting thing was that her dad, when alive, loved dragonflies and felt a special connection to them. And now his daughter has a special connection with them, too.

Brocade and Rose Engine Guilloche' Engraved Dragonfly Pendant

Video of 4 of the pendants to follow....

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