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Goin' Live

I'm very excited to go LIVE with the #BuyBasin Festival! I'll be giving a short talk on Guilloche and quick demo. If the timing works out (pardon the pun) I will be engraving a some miniature watch dials slated for Japan.

Tune in, right here on my Instagram page (@engineturner), at 2pm PST on October 29 2021.

Share my video and you could win a $50 gift certificate. @FestivalSeekers is choosing a new winner each week.

Bookmark the #BuyBasin Festival page on Facebook and catch 100+ local businesses and performers LIVE on social media across the Basin from Oct 18 to Nov 10:

Thank you to the @ColumbiaBasinTrust, @FestivalSeekers, and @BasinBusinessAdvisors for their support!

Hope to see you there!!



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