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New Addition to the Family!

I have a client that requires LARGE pieces (large for Engine Turning, anyway). And, he likes it DEEP (compare typical guilloche' of .005" MAX engraving depth vs. this client's preference for .014" depth engraving). I decided it that this was the tipping point for aquiring another Rose Engine - a special machine that that could handle the size as well as the forces involved with deep cutting. I found it! That special tool - my new baby! It was last sold at auction about 30 years ago and previously owned by a man named George Baumgartl. This is how it looked then...

As sold at Auction ~ 30 years ago.

This is how it looked after 30 years in non-climate controlled storage (and how I bought it)...

After complete dissassembly, derusting, and a tune up this is how she looks now...

With her 20" faceplate she does a great job! She was used by George to do some really awesome and excedingly large work. Rather than regular Engine Turning work he engraved plates used as molds for Gemloid (plastic) impressions such as when he engraved plates used to make publicity material for the New York Worlds Fair in 1939. I have a ways to go to get to this mans quality and size of work... but I'll do my best to get there!!

By the way, it really is the birthday of this machine, my latest addition. But, it is not 0 years old... but just turned 100 years old (a realatively NEW machine)! The date is at the very top.

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