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Spotlight - December 2020

Hey everyone! It is wonderful to know so many talented people and to be able to help them create their ideas and sometimes their dreams! I've decided to put out a periodic post called a "Spotlight" where I show you some of the creativity and craftsmanship (craftspersonship) out there!

Today, I would like to spotlight two wonderful people: Diana and Roni:

Diana is a button maker located in Canada. She recently used one of my guilloche enameling blanks for a 'painted' enamel button. It is 1-1/4" diameter Limoges enameled button with gold foil and Swarovski rhinestones. She told me it sold within the first hour of showing it on her website! Great work, Diana!

You can see some of her work here.


The other person I would like present is Roni who is designer of wondrous designer if Judaica art located in Israel. His AMAZING piece is a Menorah that burns oil and was custom engineered to stay lit for 8 days! It was recently finished and delivered to his client in England. It is made of Sterling and Argentium silvers and lapis luzi.

Roni does not have a public means that presents his other works or to contact him - but if you wish to speak with him about a project just provide me your information and I will pass it along.


I want to thank all of my fans and clientele, wish you all Happy Holidays and more importantly a safe and healthy 2021! I hold you all dear to my heart and am grateful for all of you!

Warm Regards,

-Tig (Rob)


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