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A Book, A Brocader and A Beeline

Hello Folks! I hope this find you happy and healthy!! A few things to cover today...

If you are an enameler...

I would like to introduce you to a friend, Karen L. Cohen. She has written the book: "The Art of Fine Enameling." She has a wonderful style ( and as for the book - you can get an idea of what it contains on her website where she adds updates and additions w/o having to purchase a new edition! (

Next, a Brocader for sale! I am selling a very nice and large sized Lienhard Brocade Engine. Details can be seen here, if you have an interested or want to see lots of images of what one looks like:

And now for the beeline!

OK, I'm stretching things, here. I tried to look for 'B' words to make the blog title more catchy. I'm really talking about Straight Line engraving. Since I'm writing this post, I might as well share one of my latest projects. I can't tell you what it is for due to non-disclosure agreements... but I can share a non-descript image of the engraving in process, eh? Fine silver to be enameled post engraving.

All the Best!



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