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Fun Project! Not a Whirly-Gig but a Gazebo!

Hey everyone! I hope you are well, enjoying Spring and navigating this interesting world

the way best for you.

I wanted share this fun "Kinetic Art" project - my version of the German Christmas Pyramid. The candle flames heat up the surrounding air and make it rise past the fan blades - hence the central spinning cylinder reflecting the candle light.

This is just the prototype to make sure it works and to massage out any kinks. One of the things I am exploring is how to effectively use some newer technologies with Engine Turning and this is my latest dive into the subject. The wood parts are cut with a laser. The fan and the lower support for the copper cylinder are 3D printed. The copper cylinder is straight from the hardware store and was not trued up before engraving so there is a bit of hit-n-miss with the engraving around the circumference. The big question was how to make the super low friction bearings and it looks like they are working!

This project is pretty outside the box as far as Engine Turning engraving goes but I think the overall design works with the candles spinning the cylinder and the cylinder reflecting the dancing candle light as it spins. What do you think? Feedback please!!!!


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