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Working Museum Revival

Dear Friends, Clients and Readers,

A quick note:

For personal and business reasons the Working Museum temporarily closed and stopped offering tours in September of 2019 – but, it is not the end. I expect it to re-open in mid-2021. I will provide more information as it solidifies. When the Working Museum re-opens it will be more along the lines of its original intent. It was never just supposed to be a “tour.”

You see, the objective has always been to make it into a Not-For-Profit with the purpose of providing free training on Ornamental and Engine Turning to under-privilege individuals. The focus will be on youth but the occasional grown-up will be allowed. This will help keep the knowledge of this dying art alive AND provide a deep skillset to those who can use it. Now, I do understand the reality in today’s world that these arts probably will not provide a substantial livelihood for these students. What it WILL provide is self-esteem, the ability to focus on a task at hand, design skills, business acumen, a strong job referral and much more.

Admittedly, I have become lax in the formation of this complete vision. And, again admittedly, the recent activities countrywide have brought the need for this, once again, to the forefront of my attention. My own reasons for becoming temporarily inattentive to the formation of this Not-For-Profit organization are not inconsequential but that is not necessarily an excuse. For this, I apologize.

A little about me…

My parents were both the first members of their families to get college degrees. I grew up in a town that I jokingly say was ½ Caucasian, 1/3 Pilipino, 1/3 Black and 1/3 Mexican (I don't know the realy % split and never really cared). In high school, I saw the upper class Whites doing crank behind upright books on their classroom desks. Conversly, I also had to deal with a good friend – one of the kindest and gentlest people I have ever met – get shot and killed for sticking up for his little brother in a Black on Black crime. There are lots of stories in between. This, fortunately, has made me comfortable around people of many backgrounds. It has also allowed me to see and understand a need I can fulfill with passion. Still need to work on the ‘grace’ part of it – hopefully that comes with age.

Stay tuned for more!

Best Regards,



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