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Engraving Services: Important Types of Guilloche

Are you or someone you know looking for high-quality engraving services? Do you want to work with skilled art manufacturers who understand the different techniques available? There are many ways to engrave an item. One type that has been in use for a long time is called guilloche or engine turning. It can produce detailed patterns on different products.

Continue reading to learn more about this excellent technique and the different types available.

  • What is guilloche?

First, it is essential to understand guilloche. Guilloches are engraving services that were developed by art manufacturers hundreds of years ago. A guilloche uses a machine to create intricate and precise patterns that can be repeated mechanically onto an item. It features on watches, jewelry, pens, wine glasses, clocks, and much more.

Other types of engraving services that may be available include hand engraving and ornamental turning. The one you choose will depend on the design and item you want.

  • Rose engine turning

Rose engine turning is a technique used for many years. Production takes place on a machine that is called the rose engine. This machine creates round geometric patterns and then repeats them. In doing so, the design can play with the light and create an effect that gives the illusion of 3D. In some cases, the pattern can even look more in-depth than it is.

A subset of rose engine turning is a straight-line engine, which uses straight geometric patterns. It is a good option for pens and mechanical pencils.

  • Round brocade engine turning

In round brocade engine turning, art manufacturers, set up a pattern for repetition. Historically, many people considered it as a lower form of guilloche, but it can be complicated. The complexity comes in because the operator needs to be skilled enough to be able to set up the pattern correctly before it starts repeating. It can be a complicated process as the engine turning machine can have many settings and adjustments.

Round brocade engine turning is an excellent option if you need to have a company logo, trademark, or emblem repeated on several different items. This process allows professional engraving services to set up your desired pattern and use it on any product you want.

Now that you know more about it, you should look for engraving services near you that offer this excellent technique, so that you can create unique items.


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