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Guilloche Engraving for When Beauty and Quality Matter

Guilloche Engraving fist became popular in the Victorian Era, Fortunately, it is still with us today. It is an art form that is used in jewelry, watches, badges and much more. It is also used alongside other crafts such as enameling. You may notice patterns that are made using this art form are created using repetitive patterns. The engraving is done using a special engraving lathe called a rose engine. The result is shiny, beautiful pieces that can be used to enhance your creations. Guilloche is versatile and as you learn more about it, you may be able to incorporate it into more of your work. Artists coming together are able to create amazing works.


It is traditionally used with metals, such as copper, silver, bronze and gold. However, it can be used with other materials such as the following:

  • Wood

  • Enamel – The delicate colors help enhance the design when it's used in the creation of jewelry.

  • And perhaps others, on a case by case basis.


Traditional patters such as the following are created using this technique.

  • Sunburst

  • Basket weave

  • Herringbone

  • Drape pattern

However, if your vision includes a different custom pattern, these can be done as well. Contact the company to discuss your vision and how it can be brought to life.


This is almost a lost art. Luckily, there are those who still see the beauty in these intricate designs. It would be sad to see these pieces vanish. Luckily, they are still being kept alive by those who demand that tradition stay with us. There are still amazing artisans who work to keep these patterns going. There are those who continue to teach others how to create these pieces. It's those who use them that are keeping them alive for the future. Thanks to these people, generations have been able to enjoy stunning pieces that true artisans work so hard to create.

Interior design

Interior designers who are working with customers who demand that their home stand out from the rest are turning to this art form for help. These patterns can be added to cabinetry hardware and designs and decorative accents throughout the house.

You may think that something that dates back as far as this technique does is outdated and old fashioned, but you would be wrong. Pieces that are modern and elegant are created using this technique every day. Keep your clients and customers happy by incorporating it into your work today.


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