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The Importance of Product Design and How Ornamental Turning Can Help

If you are marketing a product, you should understand the importance of product design. Whether your company fails or succeeds often depends on how your product is shown, and how consumers feel about it. Ornamental turning, such as guilloche, can help your business succeed. While you may wonder how an intricate pattern can attract consumers, consider the following and you will see.


Imagine walking into a store to purchase a serving platter. One platter is plain and minimalist, the other features a stunning pattern.

  • The eye is drawn to the more intricate pattern first.

  • The pattern makes the platter look more upscale than the plain one.

  • The decorative platter has more impact than the plain one.

  • The pattern gives consumers the feeling that a lot of work went into the creation.


If a company uses the same pattern on all of their products, they all become easily recognizable. As soon as a new product is released, fans of the merchandise will know that it is your product. This can easily turn one-time buyers into collectors.


The patterns in guilloche are so intricate that they are difficult to copy. Using these patterns makes it far less likely that others will be able to copy your pattern. There are many who use a certain pattern in a small area of an item to ensure that buyers know that it is one of their products. This technique has often been used as a measure of security.


This technique has been around for hundreds of years. Even if you have never heard of it, you have likely seen it. It has been used on pens, watches, and other items that are commonly engraved. When one sees these patterns, it's an indication that the item is of a higher quality than many others, and that's why companies that produce fine watches incorporate it into their designs.

There was a time when this technique was in danger of sinking into oblivion. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. More and more businesses are seeing the benefits that come from incorporation it in their product design. This technique has been in use since the 1700s, which proves that it is very well liked. If not, it would not have been in use for as long as it has. If you are producing a product that you're proud of, and one that you want consumers to instantly recognize as yours, it's time to consider this time-honored technique to show your commitment to quality.


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